Bike Service & Rentals

Need help getting your bike ready for the race? Forget something important? Please visit one of our friendly full-service bike-shop partners for all of your bicycle-related needs. There will be mechanics from these shops at the venue Friday-Sunday as well to help with any emergencies. You may also contact them to assemble your bike once in Santa Fe, we strongly suggest making a Thursday or Friday appointment well in advance of the event.

Flying with your bike

Packing your bike can be very easy! Elite developed a light, convenient bike case that has made traveling with a bike easier than ever. Here is a video we made packing the Elite Borson soft case. It requires the least amount of assembly, but high amount of protection.

AA treats a bike like standard luggage:

Delta treats a bike like standard luggage:

Bike Tuneup & New Tires

We recommend that you get your bike fully tuned up & new tires put on 2 weeks before raceday. You’re spending countless hours training your body, then also put in some time to prepare your bike. There is no worse feeling than getting a mechanical in the race and standing on the side of the road while other riders are passing you by.